4lb 15ft Tapered Leaders (10 pack)

4lb 15ft Tapered Leaders
Product Brand: Platinum
4lb 15ft Tapered Leaders (10 pack)


Platinum Tapered leaders.
Platinum fly fishing leaders excel due to the nylon material we use, which balances three crucial elements,: elasticity, knot strength and suppleness.
The absolute best nylon material on the market. Our Platinum tapered leaders higher breaking strength will allow you to land and release fish quicker.
Our Platinum Tapered Leaders feature a butt section of stiffer monofilament for positive turnover when casting. This leader also has a tippet section of softer, nylon which allows the fly to move naturally, perfect for delicate presentations. These two distinct line formulas produce an outstanding fly leader, great for use with all types of flies in any situation, freshwater or saltwater.