Ger Fluorocarbon Tippet Material

This is a range of top class fluorocarbon tippet material manufactured in Germany but at a more realistic price than many. 

It's tough stuff because it's made with two custom 100% “Ger line” fluorocarbon resins that are fused in an exclusive process into one strong and sensitive line.

This thin diameter tippet material boasts superior tensile and knot strength with incredible abrasion resistance. Unlike nylon tippet, it's fast sinking and virtually invisible underwater, it must be the best value for money of fluorocarbon on the market. Of course fluoro is best used for presenting sunk flies as its sinking properties tend to drag dry flies under.

100 metre inter-locking spools. 

• Low Diameter for breaking strain
• Good Sink Rate
• High Knot Strength
• Low memory

"Importantly, the Ger Fluoro has none of the drawbacks associated with many fluorocarbons as it’s not too stiff, has zero memory and has a degree of suppleness that makes it easy to handle"

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Ger Fluorocarbon Tippet Material